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Ryan & Lucy

Ryan’s Story

Me and Oscar are a package deal, and he can be a handful. I figured that the ladies on Playtodate might dig his style so I signed us up. There was a Challenge to post cute animal photos, so we entered – that’s when Lucy hit us up. We played Truth or Dare and she mentioned that she missed having a dog, so I scheduled a get-together, just the three of us. It was love at first sight for those two. And I wasn’t too far behind. We’re in this together now, Lucy, Oscar and me, and I’m proud to have met her on Playtodate.

Lucy’s Story

I just relocated from Connecticut to New York (LOVE), but I miss my ex-roommate’s pug, Chewie. I downloaded Playtodate hoping to meet new people, and when I saw the challenge where you had to upload a photo of your pet, I thought it could help ease my dog withdrawal. That’s how I met Oscar. He was way cute and has great hair, but he’s not interested in me romantically. His owner Ryan, however, is. We haven’t really been apart since that first time we talked. Thanks to Playtodate for helping me find my pup and my man.