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Mick & Keri

Mick’s Story

When I met Keri I was on a big health kick, which meant meeting singles away from bars. Playtodate was a godsend, because it let me show my best self to the folks I met on it by just horsing around and playing on the app. When Keri asked me for a game of Truth or Dare, it only took a few rounds before we knew we had some real electricity. She actually dared me to get dinner with her that night. Of course I said yes. It’s crazy how high our comfort level was when we met, just because we’d played together first. She and I have seen each other almost every day since, and it didn’t take a single drink. Playtodate isn’t just fun, it really works.

Keri’s Story

I was dating online for a few months before I met Mick. At first it was a lot of wading through streams of ‘hey’ ‘hi’ ‘hi how are you’ ‘whatcha up to’ ‘hey’ ‘hey’ ‘hi,’ but then I found Playtodate. Playtodate let me skip the awkward chats and get to the fun stuff about dating. With Mick, after just a few rounds of Truth or Dare, I could tell he was as adventurous as I was. Plus goofy, funny and sexy to boot. He didn’t flinch when I dared him to take me to dinner that night and three months later, he’s my best friend and partner in crime. We could have only met on Playtodate!