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Amidio & Rebecca

Amidio’s Story

When I met Rebecca on Playtodate, I was only hoping for a few rounds of Truth or Dare before work, but she and I got deep into a game of Never Have I Ever, and I wound up clocking in late. Fast-forward a few hours, I’m making a skinny latte for a skinny blonde, and she goes, “Are you Amidio?” Sure enough, it was Becks. I gave her a free drink, took my break, and we had our first half-date. It was an impulsive, great time. We have a second full-sized date in the works. Kudos to Playtodate for the assist!

Rebecca’s Story

I’m not big on online dating, so I was skeptical of Playtodate at first. But it turns out to be a really fun way to get to know somebody. I was playing Never Have I Ever with this guy Amidio and he mentioned he was an “espresso craftsman.” I had the day off, so I went to his café to verify. He was surprised but happy to see me, made me a great free drink and took me on a very impromptu first date. I can’t wait to see him again. If you like to be daring, Playtodate is for you.